What Is The Difference Between MOBE and My Top Tier Business

MOBE and My Top Tier Business (MTTB), are different BUT totally related in the following way:

what is the difference between mobe and my top tier business

We get this “What is the difference between MOBE and My Top Tier Business” question a lot! And frankly, I was personally CONFUSED myself! LOL. So here is a brief explanation between these two popular products.

What is MOBE? MOBE is a licensing right affiliate program owned by Matt Lloyd and My Top Tier Business is ONE of its many coaching programs. My Top Tier Business just launched June 2013 so that’s is probably why you are hearing so much about it. It is a high end coaching program for qualified candidates.

Technically, you can become a customer of My Top Tier Business and go through its coaching program (there is an application process), without ever being an affiliate of MOBE (aka My Online Business Empire).

But in a nutshell the difference between MOBE and My Top Tier Business is that one is the affiliate arm (MOBE) and the other is the product that its affiliates can license & sell for commissions.

Should you wish to refer My Top Tier Business to other business acquaintances of yours, or because you want to generate an additional stream of income, then you need to become an affiliate of MOBE first. The MOBE affiliate program is free and you can earn up to 50% commissions. In MOBE there is also an option to PURCHASE licensing rights which then would pay you 90% commissions on your sales.

The greatest bit about MOBE is that it comes with its own customer service staff that will follow up for you so a lot of the heavy lifting is already done for you in the back end by already trained professionals who work diligently to close sales on your behalf. (This is why it’s becoming so popular).

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